Uniquely Falklands, Published 2016

The English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin visited the Falkland Islands in the 1830s to collect information on geology, flora and fauna: his research would later influence and inform his work on evolutionary theory. Sealers and whalers established successful industries there in the late eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, but few people back in the UK had heard of this British Overseas Territory, made up of over 750 tiny islands far away in the South Atlantic Ocean, before April 2, 1982, when Argentina claimed sovereignty and invaded . . . the rest of that story, they say, is history.

Uniquely Falklands celebrates the landscape, wildlife and people of the Islands through a visual narrative and allows us a glimpse into this beautiful, isolated and unique archipelago over 8,000 miles away. Unmissable.

"Captured by a talented team of photographers, Uniquely Falklands is an affectionate snapshot of the inimitable Falkland Islands, featuring both Islanders and members of the military community. It is fitting that profits from the sale of this book will support an important armed forces charity, the Royal British Legion."  Colin Roberts CVO, Governor.

Written by Gail Baird with photography by Dan Bernard, Gail Baird & Andy Jackman; casebound with dust jacket; 160 full colour pages. ISBN: 978-1-909660-38-0