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 Full Photographic Service

 £65 an hour

£300 per day, location

£500 per day Studio, all prices plus VAT

prices includes lighting plus assistant, high and low resolution images burnt to disc.

We offer a full photographic service with competitive rates and affordable price plans where we quote a fixed fee that won't change if the job doesn't change, in Portsmouth, Hampshire or indeed anywhere you want to send us!

As professional photographers, who have traveled extensively capturing rare moments and unique images, our mission is to provide well-managed, cost-effective photography that suit our clients’ needs. As well as having the technical skills, correct equipment and aesthetic appreciation, photography commissions also need good organisation and management, to make best use of time – because time is money.



Capturing a moment without the 'presence' of the photographer 

Photographing for the Uniquely book series, each with a different set of clients

Uniquely British was a 12-month project, working closely with and having unique access to The Queen’s own guard, the Household Mounted Cavalry. 131’s team covered all aspects of photographing their full diary of events over the period, while at the same time producing designs and layouts for their book, and organising, managing and leading the project. The quality of work had to be at least equal to the cavalry’s own high standards; all communication had to be carried out with clarity, diplomacy and confidentiality, while following the correct protocol.

Qualities needed in this project included: confidentiality; discretion; professionalism at all times; ability. To be exact; concise; clear; correct; work with people at all levels, from a young private to HRH The Princess Royal. To take dynamic and striking images with the horses of the cavalry as well as the shining buckles, boots and blankets of the kit room.

When producing Uniquely Falklands, a full colour, high-end coffee table book, it included much more than taking a bunch of images to illustrate the islands.


·  coordinated photographic shoots and activities with the Navy, Air Force and Army personnel stationed there

·  made contact with a whole raft of local dignitaries, high profile residents and decision makers

·  interviewed and photographed the Governor of the islands, who was so impressed with the project, he wrote the foreword for the book

·  organised transportation and access to the far flung settlements and remote wildlife and albatross colonies

·  pre sold 1,500 copies of the book to fund the project

·  shipped the vast majority of the books to the Falklands

·  donated profits to the Royal British Legion, Falkland Islands branch

·  immersed ourselves in the local culture and life of the islanders, to better understand their world

Uniquely Portsmouth is a new title 131 are developing since working on this series. While not having one of the most well-connected and exacting clients, the team still worked to that same high standard to ensure a book of that quality. Tasks include:

·  making contact with high profile individuals in the city that includes the outgoing and incoming mayor, local MP and world champion swimmer

·  develop a consistency of style among the broad range of images to convey the unique aspects of Portsmouth. The images need to hang together and form a cohesive body of work that together, create a clear visual narrative.

·  have the technical expertise, skill base and equipment to produce those shots. For example the underwater, portrait shots of world champion swimmer, Katy Sexton; the (very) close-ups of a rare, not-often captured bearded monitor lizard in the Borneo jungle and the ability to put individuals at ease sufficiently to tease out their personal qualities and identities.

·  work with speed, accurately and efficiently