Graphic design delivering accurate and creative solutions that stand out from the crowd - wherever you are based.  

Our work is informed by a long, shared involvement and experience in the world of design. We understand and appreciate the principals of good design and apply those when developing the look and function of say, a book, photograph, logo or even barcode. We have taught, and been taught up to the highest level and know that once the principles of design are understood, with experience and the right tools, these principles can be applied to most tasks successfully. By doing this, we have developed, and continue to develop, a first class design pedigree, kept fresh and appropriate through our own continuous professional development. Not only do we have the skills and application at 131, we also invest in leading industry software to do the job. Access to Creative Cloud, a comprehensive range of media software for designing; producing and post producing graphics, books, images, typography, logos and film making has been a game changer – it is probably the best software on the planet and a package that is constantly updated.

Brand logo, Lauren Matthews Interiors

Sometimes we work with clients that already have corporate identities and style guidelines, putting together new promotional material within those parameters, while adding a whole lot of 'oomph' and creativity. Other times, clients ask for something new - and we can do that too. 131 is a product of our efforts, skills and experience - a place where we apply the specialist knowledge we have in design for our clients. Detail is what puts our work over and above that of others and the detail, together with our level of service, is what sets us apart.

High end coffee table book for Alex Thomson Racing, sponsored by Hugo Boss published 2017


New website and branding for Connor Construction

New website and branding for Depth Architects based in Hampshire