Pounding Words, Portsmouth

Steve Tasane, leading the Portsmouth Writers group with Pounding Words

Pounding Words. A novella celebrating the City of Portsmouth 
through the wisdom of Charles Dickens and the spirit of John Pounds

Written by Anne Hunt, Liz Neal, John Pearson, Eileen Phyall, Maggie Sawkins & Steve Tasane, Pounding Words is an 11,000 word novella, which for good measure celebrates one of Portsmouth's other golden sons - John Pounds, instigator of free education for all - and one of its lesser known, but equally loved characters, Curly Ash, Portsmouth's last-known rag and bone man. Produced during a series of creative writing workshops, the novella was then performed at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth.

The project included two films, a set of three books and a series of posters and flyers to promote the workshops and writing. The films were projected onto backdrops during the live performances, screened on the Big Screen in Guildhall Square and uploaded onto YouTube.