Ben Ainslie Racing

BAR building Old Portsmouth, Headquarters of the Americas Cup racing team

After years of planning, negotiating and hard work, the Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) Team Base on the Camber, is well under way. 131 was lucky enough to have a guided tour of the working progress and witnessed the atmosphere of excitement and optimism on site about BAR lifting the trophy at the 35th match for the America’s Cup in 2017 and bringing the next match for the cup to Portsmouth.

Delivery of the workshop space will be fulfilled by May 2015, with the aesthetic detail being completed for the start of racing in July. Project planner, Clare Logan told us when we photographed progress, ‘This is a brilliant project where all the suppliers, contractors and workers have come together as a team, and seem particularly proud to be involved.’

Team base project director, Johnathan Goring explained how the team had worked hard from the beginning to support the local economy, with about 70% of the work force from within a 20 mile radius of Portsmouth. Even the glass fitters, a national company are based here. Not only has the project supported the local economy, and will continue to do so the team have worked hard to engage and include the local community.