Johnny Ertl

Johnny Ertl, captain of Portsmouth Football club and shot for Uniquely Portsmouth  - coming 2016

Club captain, Johny Ertl was the most senior and one of only four professional players left at Portsmouth FC at the time of the club's recent buyout. He chose to stay on despite the club going through a very difficult time because it was special to him. Johny says he is very proud to have done so, as he became part of a project where everyone pulled together to turn it into what is now a vibrant community club.

‘It takes time,’ explains Johnny. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to learn from what happened and rebuild from there. We are a league two club. We know who and where we are, and what we have to do. We have a bright future in my eyes.’ He goes on, ‘Things are beginning to fall into place. People still come in their thousands and they really care. We survived because our supporters believed in us and we have to get back to playing football with passion.’