International Publications

Author in California, client in Philadelphia, collection in Paris, printed in Belfast, designed and coordinated in Portsmouth

Between Two Worlds, the life and art of Ursula Sternberg by Monique Seyler. Sumptuous, 300 page, full colour, 30 X 30cm coffee table book. ISBN: 978-1-909660-15-1. This book gives a taste of the scope of Ursula’s oeuvre. From her journals, drawings, paintings, prints, assemblages, sculptures, fabric designs, illustrated journals and more, spanning several decades, (Belle Epoque was clearly her favorite), and continents, as well as at all levels of society.

Jonathan Sternberg by Carl Vigeland is another title covering continents. Every generation produces a handful of men and women who possess extraordinary powers and energy and sensitivity, who embody nature itself. Jonathan Sternberg is one of these unusual people. Like the sky or wind or the stars, his knowledge of music is vast, traverses cultures and times, and covers a global range of feelings, tones, tempos and themes. Like the clouds, he is ever changing, witty, brave enough to be silly, ornately designed and constructed and lace-like, refined and deep and foamy in places; he blankets us with his knowledge and great warmth. Just as a mountain, Jonathan has withstood storms of personal loss and disappointment, and yet he has only grown more imposing, essential, and, yes, heroic, with time.

Norton Island Sketches from Nature- Monique Seyler

Volumes, scores have been written about the artistic inspiration that can come from living on an island. This is an account of one such experience.